Website Usability - the Practical Methods to Make it Better

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Most people that have an online business may have never considered website usability strategies. They can be very helpful and profitable as well. In a nutshell, this is basically describing the format, layout, and design of your website in regard to what makes it successful. Usability studies burst on the scene many years ago and have continued to tell us what works and what does not. The wiser you become, the more likely it will be that you will be successful with your website. You need to learn all that you can! To have a more profitable website, let's look at 3 usability techniques that can help you with your online business.

If you have a website or blog, you could place an image at the top of your content. People usually drawn to the image in some way. Placing a headline above the image, with some sort of question or thought provoking statement, might also be useful. It's not recommended to do this on all or your pages, but you can use it in different variations. You should have a solid introduction paragraph with a headline. This is important! You can put the graphics and after you have the headline and content.

What you want to do is draw their attention to the content that you have written by using the image. If you choose the right images, the graphics will help motivate the readers to read your content every time. In most English speaking countries, the left side of the website is more prominent, or has more of the visitor's attention, than the right side will. The most important parts of your site, therefore, should be on the left side of the page. Just look at websites online - you will see that the left side typically has the most important information. Three quarters of your readers (statistically speaking) will be more attracted to the left side of the page. It is quite a large percentage of visitors, and very encouraging news. Whenever you create a website, remember to put your most important content (read from left to right) beginning at the top of the page. In regard to visibility and overall attention, the top left is the hottest spot on the page or site itself.

Your headline is very important - in most cases, the visitors will actually read the first few words of the headline itself almost every time. Most visitors will read the subheadlines of your copy body. Some paragraphs may also be read. Make sure the first few words are extremely powerful. By placing keywords that can hook your visitors, you can really reel them in using your subheadlines and paragraphs.

These are the little tricks that you need to use, similar to what you do with a headline. They'll be scanning and then you can try to stop it and get them to read.

When you create your website, and place content on it, using usability principles can help you in the long run. If you want to implement these usability principles, but you have already created your website, this is something that is a viable option. That is all right, and the important thing is that you learn and then put into practice.

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