Optimizing WordPress Blogs for Search Engines

WordPress has a fantastic relationship with the search engines and that is why you see WordPress blogs getting a lot more love from Google and the other big search engines. All webmasters know and understand (as do IMers) that building a site on the WordPress content platform gives you an automatic upper hand in terms of beating your competitors at SEO. Of course, to truly see long term rewards and lots of organically gained search engine traffic it is very important that you optimize your WordPress blog for as high a performance as you can get.

Use Images in Your Posts: One of the smart things that you can do with your WordPress blogs is to use images so that you're able to add more valor to your posts and make them more attractive to your readers. Not only does this give you an opportunity to really make each individual post shine but it also gives you additional tags that are likely to get the attention of search engines. Google will also reward you with increased traffic if you choose the right sequence of keywords to associate with those images.

Concentrate on One Topic: Currently, WordPress blogs have plenty of subjects to choose from. This is okay.

However, if your intent is to maximize your SEO efforts, then you have to write about only one thing at a time. Then, branch out to the sub-topics if needed. Why should you be concerned about this? First, your visitors are the people who will get traffic to your blog and update it via blog comments. Secondly, there will not be any confusion about what your blog topic is. All of these things will have a lot to do with how the search engines will rate your blog.

Sprinkle Keywords in Your Content: When you run your site on WordPress you are not absolved from using basic SEO principles in the creation of your content. You need to make sure your content has a good keyword density so that you can prove you have a grasp of the fundamentals of SEO. Keyword stuffing is a huge no-no and instead of doing that, it is better to weave your keywords in in strategic locations that you think are necessary and to increase the number of synonyms you use so that you don't accidentally repeat your keywords too many times within the content you write.

The above article clearly explains the importance of optimizing your WordPress blog for the search engines by making small but meaningful tweaks. You will really be able to use your WordPress blog to your advantage if you work on setting up the search engine optimization for the search engines. Search engine traffic is very important for this process to work. You can't ignore it because that's the only way you'll get targeted visitors for free coming to your blog. Whenever you figure out how to make the right modifications and understand how things work, then you will notice a spike in your search engine rank. It is then that you will have the capability to make it advantageous for using your WordPress blog.

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